Brilliant Meal Prep Ideas 

Preparing weekly meals ensures success for healthly eating! It saves you a lot of time during the week, and you conserve money since you won’t stop to eat somewhere! 

It’s also proven that people who cook meals at home more often, reep the benefits of a healthier life! 

So let’s get to the tips!!!

1. Devote one day each week! Pick a day you will grocery shop, and prep! 

2. Make a list of your meals for the week! A simple way to start is to choose 2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch, and 2 snack options. 


3. Wash, chop, cook! Wash all produce, then set your warmers on to cook. This is a great time to chop your vegetables and fruit. 

4. Once your food is cooked and cut, pull out the containers. Portion your meals into containers! Your lunch might be; greens, protein, and fat. For breakfast, I love oats in a jar! I throw everything into the container, pop it in the frig, and it’s ready to grab and eat in the morning! 

5. Try something new! Each week I pick a new food or meal! Variety is the spice of life! This will keep things fun! Protein Bark is a simple snack idea I like to switch up each week. Sometimes I add almonds, and the next week I try it with cherries and chocolate! Yum! They are so good! 

These brilliant tips will ensure you a successful, healthy week! Please leave your email address to receive my FREE Summer Meal guide! 



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Kristina Kubicek

I am a health coach who provides people with skills they need to reach their goals.

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