Sips, Drips, & Tea Tips


I LOVE tea! In fact, in the winter, I drink up to 3 to 4 cups a day! Now I know what you may be thinking, “I don’t like tea. I only drink coffee.” Well, you wouldn’t stop using toothpaste if you didn’t like the taste of it would you? No, you’d continue trying different brands until you found the perfect one for you. The same goes for tea! Some can taste unusual, but there are tons that taste so delicious, and are loaded with benefits.

So find a flavor you like! Try a good range of teas. There’s floral teas, black teas, rooibos teas, herbal teas, chai teas, green teas, you get the picture. 

First, let’s back up to a month ago, December, when my parents gifted me a birthday present that keeps on giving! Now my mom has heard from me how often I drink teas, plus how much I love learning about what kind of tea to drink to help with such and such, and all the teas I find with amazing flavors. So poof! The perfect gift comes along! The tea kettle birthday gift…not only is it a tea kettle, it’s an electric tea kettle. It’s cute as ever, and with a simple push of a switch, the water begins to heat up. In minutes, the water is hot. You’ll hear the switch flip up when the water is HOT and ready to pour over your favorite tea. Unlike a regular stovetop tea kettle, you don’t have to run over and turn off the stove once the water is boiled. If you frequently get distracted like me, or don’t hear the switch flip up once the water is hot, the kettle will cool down on its own. There’s no need to run over and shut it off. Bonus! The one I got is by Bella, but there are plenty more brands and styles out there. Plus, some have more advanced functions and options like a water temperature setting per the variety of tea in which you are making. 

The benefits of tea are endless! If you are like me, I love learning which teas help my body. So let’s get to it! White tea has been known to fight the most against cancer than any other tea. Oolong tea helps lower cholesterol and has been known to aide in weight loss. Black teas have the most caffeine in them, but they may reduce your chances of stroke. Tea has less caffeine than coffee, boosts your immune system, and contains antioxidants! Besides that, teas contain flavonoids that may help combat cancer and heart disease.  

Would you like to know what I am sippin’ on?! I LOVE the flavor of this combination, and it’s very good for my digestive system and skin. Just boil water, add fresh juice from 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, stir, and sip away! (You can use ginger root or jarred, minced ginger too.) If I am feeling a cold, or a sore throat coming on, I will add turmeric powder or fresh root (just be careful to brush your teeth after as turmeric stains your teeth pretty fast.) 


I pretty much love anything by the Traditional Medicinals brand. I drink their dandelion tea everyday which detoxes the liver, keeping it healthy. Tulsi Sleep organic tea is awesome before bed to calm my body to fall sleep. Teavana has amazing, delicious teas, and one that I love by them is called, White Ayurvedic Chai. Tazo makes incredible chai teas as well. The long glass tube teas that are pictured below are from Trader Joe’s. They offer a unique and tasty variety of tea as well. Those are just a few teas that I enjoy.




There’s an endless amount of teas in the world-lucky for us! Since I’ve become an avid tea drinker, I rarely sip on coffee. I have a cabinet in my kitchen full of a variety of tea. Tell me, what teas do you like? Are there any brands or types you would recommend? Leave any comments or questions below. I will be happy to get back to you! Keep sipping! xo, Kristina

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