Perfect Pizza (Dough) in a SKILLET!


Ok, so I LOVE PIZZA if it hasn’t been too obvious yet, haha! Really who doesn’t though? Lucky for me my parents sent me a cast iron skillet for my birthday! I was doin’ a serious happy dance as I tore that box open! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!! Today I will give you all my tips and tricks to get the PERFECT PIZZA pie using the PIZZA SKILLET. Guy Fieri would be banging down my door for this thing!

BEFORE you go baking and cooking your little hands off, your skillet should be SEASONED! It’s quite simple, but it really primes the beauty for proper cooking. First, I jacked up my oven to 450 degrees, and coated my skillet with extra virgin olive oil. You can use any oil you have, but make sure it’s one that can sustain high temperatures (say 400 degrees and above). Once your oven is heated, set that skillet in the oven for about 20 minutes, remove and allow it to cool. Also, avoid cooking acidic foods until your skillet is “broken in” (used 5-8 times, well seasoned). Now lets talk PIZZA!!!


I bought some pre-made dough at Whole Foods, around 20 ounces for the initial trial run of PIZZA SKILLET joy. Then, I warmed up my oven to 450 degrees, and again oiled my skillet with E.V.O.O. (extra virgin olive oil). I made sure my dough was rising on the counter while I prepped. Place your skillet in the oven for about 4 minutes, getting the skillet piping HOT. (Be sure to have a good PAIR of pot holders).  Remove the skillet and spread out your pizza DOUGH covering the bottom of the skillet. Or you can get crafty and toss your DOUGH in the air! Whatever works for you. Place your skillet back into the oven for 4 minutes until dough is puffy but NOT browned, then remove it again.

Now dress your PIZZA! Smooth out some maranara sauce, and brush the edges of the pizza dough with some E.V.O.O. Add veggies, meats, cheeses, etc. Then bake your PIZZA for another 8-12 minutes, watching it CAREFULLY! Edges will brown and middle will bubble when it’s ready. Each oven is so different as far as the way and the time they take to bake, so keep an eye on things. Remove and garnish your PIZZA with fresh herbs! Allow it to cool, slice, and enjoy!

IMG_2194PS-It’s NOT recommended using soap and water to clean your skillet because  this strips the seasoned iron. I’ve been rinsing mind, patting it dry, then I oil it again. I’ve been storing my skillet on top my stove. 


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